Semi-ingrounds are an excellent option because they are durable and attractive like the inground option, but at a much more economical price due to only excavating 2’ in the ground. This also allows for 2-3 day installation opposed to a multi-week process.
A semi-inground pool simply means it is installed 2’ in the ground. We ensure durability by using all inground building materials (14-gauge galvanized steel, fiberglass steps, 20 mil vinyl liner, and high-end filtration equipment), and pouring a 10" concrete footer around the entire pool perimeter. Our steel panel walls are 52" in height with a flat bottom, making it the perfect pool to lounge in all summer. What's great about CoolPools is that we can keep our prices affordable by giving the homeowner the opportunity to complete all finishing work on the pool. We leave a bare structure ready to be dressed with whatever exciting deck or landscaping you have saved to your Pinterest board!
When the pandemic hit, there were too many news stories of homeowners creating very unsafe, makeshift pools at their homes due to the short supply and high price tag of options available. Our team saw this as an opportunity to bring homeowners a SAFE, durable, attractive, and economically priced pool option to get water in their backyard. We partnered with some of the best pool supply companies in North America to develop our robust pool kit, and built a knowledgeable installation team from bright minds in similar industries. Due to Covid, we ensured sales could be completed 100% online and we still offer that service today. We believe every part of the pool process should be fun and easy; from ordering online to the day of installation. We want to keep it cool, ya know?


All semi-inground pools are installed in typically 2-3 days (unless weather or unexpected issues arise). Day one of the process is excavation and beginning the pool wall assembly. Day two is finishing assembly of the walls, pouring concrete, and installing the liner. Day three (if required) is finishing liner installation and assmebling the filtration before packing up and heading out leaving you the opportunity to start beautifying your pool!
CoolPools.com has in-house installation crews that will be completing the installation of your pool utilizing company-owned, high-quality construction equipment and materials to ensure an accurate and efficient installation.
CoolPools.com offers two options for installation of our high-quality swimming pool. Our standard depth of 24” is included in the price and is the perfect option for homeowners with slopes or high water tables in their backyard. We also offer a Double Depth installation, meaning we bury the pool up to 48”. This option is available for an extra cost but gives the pool a fully inground look.
Give us a call or text (888-866-2233) or chat with us on the website to discover the installation lead time in your area!
CoolPools.com offers backyard consultations! One of our team members will come to your home prior to purchase (or after) and layout the pool shape/size, discuss access points, determine any items that may need removed, and discuss the full process with you prior to committng to the purchase or prior to installation day!
The pool materials will be shipped straight to your backyard or curbside on (2-3) shrink-wrapped pallets. It will typically be a few days prior to your scheduled installation that the pallets arrive. We ask that you keep the materials contained on the pallets until our installation crew arrives. You will be notified via our project management software when your pallets will arrive.
When the installation team leaves, the pool area will still be a construction site. The safety fencing will be in place until you, the homeowner, finish the pool with decking, landscaping or any design features of your choice. The pool will not be accessible until it has been dressed with features allowing for safe ingress and egress.
CoolPools is only the builder of the semi-inground swimming pool structure. It is up to the homeowner to obtain a contractor or to personally finish the pool with decking, landscaping, etc.
Permits are the responsibility of the homeowner. You will need to hire an electrician and check your local codes to determine if an inspection is needed for electrical.
You will need to hire an electrician to complete the installation of your pool. Before CoolPools comes to install the swimming pool, your electrician should already be aware of the project, pull any required electrical permits and schedule inspections if required. The electrician can pre-trech electrical as long as it does not impede the installation process. The electrician will need to hard-wire the pump and light as well as bond and ground the pool for safety purposes.
Prior to selecting installation dates we request you contact your county office to determine what permits and inspections are needed, as well as the timeline for obtaining required permits. The homeowner is also responsible for contacting 811 DIG to determine what is underground, and connect with your HOA (if applicable) to find out the approval process. All permits, codes, inspections, etc. vary from state to county, so it is entirely up to the homeowner to determine what all is needed before our installation crew arrives.
If you need a pool diagram for planning purposes or for your county permit approval, contact CoolPools via phone or email and we will send you the drawings for your pool.
Some counties require the actual contractor of your pool to obtain construction permits. If that is the case, the homeowner needs to alert the Project Coordinator of the requirements and our team will work with the local building department to get the permits obtained. This is outside the standard scope of our installation and will lead to an additional fee.
  • Pre-Install:
    • Confirm viability and location of the pool
    • Submit property plot plan/septic
    • Call 811 and determine required permits
    • Submit HOA approval (if applicable)
    • Ensure a minimum of 8′ entry into pool installation zone
    • Schedule electrician for pre-install evaluation
  • Post-Install:
    • Complete functionality of pool with decking, hardscaping, fencing, etc
    • Complete any final inspections required by code
The entry into the area where your pool will be installed needs to be at least 8′ wide. If you have fencing, we suggest you temporarily remove sections for the installation.
The excavated dirt will be left in a large pile in your backyard. CoolPools will not remove the dirt from the job site, so the homeowner must contact a 3rd-party supplier to remove it, offer it to neighbors, or use it around your property.
Yes, excavation of the pool area is included in the price.


We have partnered with three long-standing loan providers in the pool industry to provide financing to our homeowners. You can always obtain a loan through any provider you see fit, but on our financing page, you can click links to our financial partners and get an immediate quote on monthly payments based on your credit score.
Most of our providers will approve you for a loan of your choosing within days of your request. Depending on the loan provider, they provide the loan in full (to then be paid by you to us), or in percentages related to status of the pool installation. We do suggest requesting a higher amount than the pool costs to dedicate towards any decking or landscaping you plan to add once the pool is installed.
Pool payments are collected in four installments (or all at once if preferred). We request 15% down to place the order for our pool with our manufacturer. The next amount is 50% which is due upon delivery of pool materials. 30% is due the day before installation. 5% is due within 3 days after installation of the pool.
The initial payment of 15% down will be invoiced to you via PayPal, which can be paid with any major credit card, and the remaining installments will be paid through our project management software, Buildertrend. Reminders will be sent through the platform as installment deadlines approach.
Property taxes vary everywhere and the homeowner must check with their assessor’s office for accurate information.
That depends on your personal insurance. You will need to run that question by your agency.
We highly encourage you to use a check as your main method of payment, but we also use two secure payment platforms PayPal and Buildertrend. You have the option to pay in full or through four different installments throughout the installation process.


Winterizing a semi-inground pool is simple. We provide a quick and easy post-install guide that shares how to winterize our pools with the tools provided. Once our pools are properly winterized, they’re safe for any winter climate.
Installing a swimming pool will result in a construction site in your backyard. The excavator will be accessing the full area around your pool installation zone, as well as crossing the yard to drop excavated dirt and pick up the raw materials like gravel or sand. The cement truck will also be in your backyard for the concrete collar pour which can cause damage to the yard. At the end of the installation, our team will rough grade the yard to try and make it easy to resod during your beautification process.
We have videos available on our Vimeo channel outlining how you can measure different pool shapes/sizes in your backyard with our pool diagram and a few simple measuring tools. You can also schedule a consultation with one of our team members! Our installation team only needs a 8’ opening to the installation area to install the pool properly.
If you don't want to use hose water to fill your pool, many providers around the nation have tanks available to fill pools with water. Just perform a web engine search for "pool water suppliers" to view your local options. Your CoolPools coordinator can let you know precisely how many gallons are needed to fill your pool to help you receive an accurate quote
If the installation crew encounters a high water table or soft subgrade, there are a few additional installation procedures that will need to be taken to ensure a solid foundation is created before assembling the pool. Some procedures include adding additional gravel and geofabric, while others may require a full high water table system. Costs for these additional installation variables will be provided before purchasing the pool.
Yes, the semi-inground is perfect for slopes due to excavation only being 2’. We can excavate completely into the side of a slope while still allowing your pool to be 2’ in the ground.
We used galvanized steel that is corrosion resistant. It comes with a lifetime transferable warranty.
Our pools have a flat bottom, and our panels are 52″ tall.
We don’t mess around when it comes to the structural integrity of the CoolPools.com swimming pool. Our supplier produces only the highest quality inground steel panels using state-of-the-art technology along with offering a lifetime warranty. The steel wall panels are 14-gauge galvanized steel, with the galvanization process being different than others – guaranteeing a more corrosion-resistant steel structure as well as extended longevity! The steel buttress braces used to support and anchor the pool are manufactured and coated with all the same high technology used on the steel wall panels.
It depends on how much decking you plan to incorporate around your pool. Some homeowners choose to have decking completely surrounding their pool, in which case you would get full deck mount top rail and no standard top rail. Some homeowner want half decking and half open, while others have no decking around their pool. Depending on the finished look you choose will determine the amounts of decking you order. Top rail comes in 8’ sections. You will need to look at the perimeter of your pool (provided within each product on the CoolPools.com shop page), and then determine how much of each top rail you want to order. For example, if you are buying an 18’x36’ rectangle semi-inground pool the perimeter is 108’. If you plan on doing about 40’ of decking, you will select 40’ deck mount top rail and 72’ standard top rail. You always want to order over the amount needed since it’s difficult to get the exact amount of top rail needed. The CoolPools.com Independent Contractor completing your installation will trim the top rail to ensure a perfect fit.
We provide a full filtration system with all of our pools including a pump, filter, chlorinator, skimmer, and return. All specific manufacturers and models are available upon request. The CoolPools installation crew will assemble the filtration equipment and leave it 4' from your pool. All that needs done after we leave is hiring an electrician to hard-wire the pump/light to the transformer, bond/ground the equipment and pool, and hiring a plumber to move the system further away than 4' if desired.
You will need to ensure your breaker has capacity to handle 120v (110v for the light and 10v for the filtration system).
The top rail of the semi-inground pool is necessary to provide a safe environment for the homeowner. The top rail covers the pre-cut steel walls which may have sharp edges that could lead to injury if not covered appropriately. Top rail comes in two options (deck mount or standard) depending on how you plan to finish your pool.
The suppliers of our pool materials provide warranties. The 14-gauge galvanized steel structure has a lifetime warranty, the vinyl liner has a 25 year warranty, and the beaded winter cover has a 10 season warranty. The filtration system has warranties as well, the homeowner will need to contact the manufacturer directly if any issues arise. All warranties will be available for the homeowner within our online project management platform, Buildertrend.


The fiberglass steps are top of the line when it comes to quality. They are 100% specialty engineered, offer unparallel strength, and come with a confident warranty. In addition, patented technology is strung through acrylic fiberglass production, ensuring the color of your steps will last throughout an unlimited amount of sun exposure. They come in three colors: blue, white and gray.
Our accessory options include: UV Filter Package and Additional LED Light.
No it does not, but they can certainly be installed after installation.
CooPools.com uses well known and very reliable pool supplier, Jandy. for the CoolPools.com filter. The filter is a single element cartridge, which does not require sand or diatomaceous earth as the filter medium. Instead, it contains a filter cartridge element which is easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Warranty included. Like the filter, CoolPools.com uses well known and reliable Jandy to supply our pump. This is a .75 HP pump that requires a 20amp breaker. The pump housing, backplate, diffuser, impeller, and debris filter basket are all made from high-quality thermoplastic materials chosen for their strength and corrosion resistance. Warranty included.
Homeowners will need to contact the manufacturer of the accessories (which we can provide you) to obtain warranty information.
All included accessories and components shipped with your pool are listed within the product on the website shop page. All pool shapes and sizes come with the same materials and accessories.
An automatic pool cover is not included in our accessories but homeowners are free to search for a third-party supplier.
All of our pools come with a beaded winter cover, which has a warranty and will be given to the homeowner after the installation is complete. These are durable and can easily be installed in the double track included in your pool installation.
Unfortunately, we do not sell liners separately at this time to individuals who have not purchased a pool with CoolPools.com.
Liners typically last between 5-10 years.
There are 3 different styles of filters; sand, DE and cartridge. Sand filters will effectively clean the pool for years with little or no problems and are the most inexpensive filters to provide so are often offered as part of the basic pool package. DE filters are used less often because they are so maintenance intensive. Premium pool builders often encourage using a cartridge filter to make the pool more maintenance friendly, which is why we include that as part of our pool package.
Our vinyl liner is made of the highest quality virgin material on the market. At 20ml, it provides extreme durability and resistance to puncturing, algae, mold, mildew and bacteria. State of the art technology used by the manufacturer ensures a tight fit for all of our CoolPools.com shapes. A 25-year warranty is included with the liner.
Like the filter, CoolPools.com uses well-known and reliable Jandy to supply our pump. This is a .75HP, 2-speed pump that requires a 20 amp dedicated circuit with GFIC protection. The pump housing, backplate, diffuser, impeller, and debris filter basket are all made from high-quality thermoplastic materials chosen for their strength and corrosion resistance. Warranty included.
CoolPools.com includes a 9lb, in-line chlorinator with the purchase of your pool. This product easily adjusts to your pool's chemical needs and accepts chlorine sticks and 1" or 3" tablets. The in-line design is very compatible with semi-inground pools, making it the perfect option to complete the important chlorinating process.


We are an online retailer that currently installs swimming pools in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Our territories grow annually so continue checking our service areas to see if we're operating in a city near you!
After placing an order online for a CoolPools.com swimming pool, Homeowners have 5 days to cancel the order for a full refund. After 5 days, there are no refunds of any kind.
We do not sell hot tubs, only top-of-the-line semi-inground swimming pools!
Our pool is made of 52” steel pool panel walls with a flat sand bottom. We offer our pool in the shapes of oval, freeform, grecian and rectangle, each with various size options to fit your backyard. All shapes and sizes can be installed as a semi-inground pool, dug 2' into the ground, or as a 'full' inground pool, dug 4' into the ground. Regardless of the installation type, the internal depth of the pool is 52" with a flat bottom.
We can certainly install a semi-inground swimming pool in a home with a septic tank. The first step is obtaining a property plot plan from your local building department to determine where your septic system is located. It will help you decide if there is enough room to install a pool while avoiding all septic lines. Local building departments also have specific regulations for distance a pool must be from the septic, so be sure to confirm those details as well.