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CoolPools.com is an experienced ecoFinish and Rebound applicator. We can completely revitalize your faded/oxidized fiberglass shell or update your gunite pool to look just like it did the way it was finished. After assessing the pools’ current condition, then performing any light surface repairs, our team will begin the finishing process! In no time at all your pool will be looking like new with a ultra-durable, long-lasting coating.

Check out our simple 4-step process below.



The process starts with a request! Simply fill out our online form below or give us a call to kick things off. Our crew will need to review your pool photos to assess its condition and verify it is eligible for a refinish.




After reviewing photos of your pool, our crew will create a rough estimate, then reach out to get more details and schedule an in-person review of the pool. During the consultation, you’ll be able to discuss any concerns with the crew!




Our team will head back to base and finalize an estimate to refinish your pool. Once they’ve finished, you’ll receive a quote by email and a call from one of our team members! At this time you can schedule your refinishing dates!




On your scheduled refinishing day(s), our crew will arrive to fully renovate your pool. The entire process will likely take a few days depending on the size and condition of the pool. However, once they’re done, you’ll be left with a pool that looks and feels brand new!!

ecoFINISH for Fiberglass Pools

For decades swimming pools were coated in a silky white rubber-based paint finish. In addition to the smooth texture and bright white look, this type of paint was known for its durability against stains and imperfections. During the late 1980’s, government regulations banned some of the most crucial ingredients that made this product maintenance free. New paints were no longer free of imperfections. Blistering, chipping, peeling, and fading began to appear in as little as six months.

This forced swimming pool builders in many regions to switch to plaster finishes. Plaster has its own set of issues, in the form of a long and complicated start-up process (Hot-Start), as well as staining, shrinking, and cracking problems. aquaBRIGHT™ was scientifically developed to present a solution to these aquatic finish problems. The long-lasting thermo-polymer finish, aquaBRIGHT™ is the wave of the future.

ecoFINISH Colors

Rebound for Gunite/Plaster Pools

Made with a proprietary blend of liquid polymers and top-in-class thermo plastic granules, Rebound is installed directly over plaster, pebble or concrete finishes.

Rebound Colors

Indigo Lagoon

Blend of dark gray, bright & light blue

Pacific Breeze

Blend of white and light & bright blues

Santorini Sea

Blend of light and bright blue, teal, cream & dark gray.

Sapphire Sand

Light gray and cream blend with a touch of blue.

Caribbean Oasis

Blend white, light gray & light blue

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