Product Specifications

Curious about the products that make up our semi-inground swimming pool? We did our research and have partnered with only the best suppliers in the pool industry. Below are some details on our high-quality pool kit. We have also provided links below to the dimensions for all of our available pools to help you determine which pool may be the best fit for your backyard, as well as help with planning the “beautification” stage of your new pool process.

Due to supply, some items are subject to change and updated suppliers will be noted. As always, we promise to deliver only the best inground quality products to you.

Materials Included in the Pool Kit

We don’t mess around when it comes to the structural integrity of the swimming pool. Our supplier produces only the highest quality inground steel panels using state-of-the-art technology along with offering a lifetime warranty. The steel wall panels are 14-gauge galvanized steel, with the galvanization process being different than others – guaranteeing a more corrosion-resistant steel structure as well as extended longevity! The steel buttress braces used to support and anchor the pool are manufactured and coated with all the same high technology used on the steel wall panels.

Internal Fiberglass Steps
The fiberglass steps are top-of-the-line when it comes to quality. They are 100% specialty engineered, offer unparallel strength, and come with a 25-year warranty. In addition, patented technology is strung through the acrylic fiberglass production, ensuring the color of your steps will last throughout an unlimited amount of sun exposure.

Vinyl Liner
Our vinyl liner is made of the highest quality virgin material on the market. At 20mil, it provides extreme durability and resistance to puncturing, algae, mold, mildew, and bacteria. State-of-the-art technology used by the manufacturer ensures a tight fit for all of our shapes. A 25-year warranty is included with the liner.

Atom Light and Transformer
This pool light is a fan favorite, offering such high illumination we suggest pointing it away from your house! The light is LED and can switch to a variety of colors which is controlled through a phone app. One light is included in the pool kit but homeowners can purchase up to 2 additional lights. The light transformer requires a separate circuit with 120v.

Jandy Filtration System uses well known and very reliable pool supplier, Jandy. for the filter. The filter is a single element cartridge, which does not require sand or diatomaceous earth as the filter medium. Instead, it contains a filter cartridge element that is easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Warranty included.

Jandy FloPro Pump
Like the filter, uses well-known and reliable Jandy to supply our pump. This is a .75 HP pump that requires a 20amp breaker. The pump housing, backplate, diffuser, impeller, and debris filter basket are all made from high-quality thermoplastic materials chosen for their strength and corrosion resistance. Warranty included.

Ocean Blue Chlorinator includes a 9lb, in-line chlorinator with the purchase of your pool. This product easily adjusts to your pool’s chemical needs and accepts chlorine sticks and 1″ or 3″ tablets. The in-line design is very compatible with semi-inground pools, making it the perfect option to complete the important chlorinating process.

Add-on Pool Accessories

Ultra Violet Water Sterilizer System
By investing in the Pura Vida Ultra Violet water sanitizer, homeowners can own a high-quality UV system at a low cost, that works on any pool! The UV Water Sterilizer System effectively eliminates microorganisms in your pool, keeping your water cleaner and healthier, while dramatically reducing chemical usage. UV technology is proven to control microbiological (bacteria and virus) issues in water including E.coli, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia lamblia. In addition to your chlorine/bromine or salt chlorine generator, a UV system gives you the reassurance that your family will have access to cleaner, safer water. This is a chemical-free process that is simple in its concept and effective in its abilities to inactivate microorganisms that are resistant to chlorine. With low maintenance, continuous disinfection and ultimately safe water, the Pura Vida UV sterilizer system makes it that easy.
• Auto-sensing dual voltage controller for plug-in or hard-wired use
• Extremely durable, Schedule 80 2.0 Inch unions for easy plumbing on inground pools
• Maximum flow rate: 82 GPM
• Built-in lamp monitor, with both audible and visual Indication of lamp life
• 316L stainless steel chamber for maximum reflective disinfection
• User-friendly bayonet style lamp connector (quick 1⁄4 turn removal with no extra tools needed)
• Reliable, industry-proven, proprietary low pressure (LP) coated UV lamps with ceramic bases for durability and long life (9,000 hours)
• Auto-sensing dual voltage controller for plug-in or hard-wired use
• Fully sealed to prevent water intrusion
• For vertical or horizontal installation
• Drain port for easy winterization

We are offering an in-pool step ladder with double handrails set 24 inches apart to offer sturdy support when getting up out of the water. Designed and intended for use with a semi-inground swimming pool. This ladder offers great stability with two deck mount flanges offering a 300-pound load capacity for one user at a time. Includes both deck mount flanges and front mount flanges (with hardware) that can be used to mount directly to a pool deck. The step system is designed to prevent entrapment while allowing great circulation of the pool water. All stair treads have also been designed with a non-slip surface for safe use. Expect minimum obstruction of swimming space with a footprint of only 22 inches within the pool.
The smoothly rounded base allows the step to be stable and not damage the pool liner. Constructed of maintenance-free plastic resin and stainless steel hardware.

Insulating the pool walls is a great way to retain pool heat, especially when combined with a solar black or heat pump. The insulation is R10 energy efficient, 2″ thick and made of 1.8# PE black foam.